Space Use Policy

The spaces listed on the William H. Hannon Library Space Reservations Chart may be reserved for non-library use. This policy outlines and defines the guidelines and restrictions for reserving and using these spaces.

To meet the mission, goals, and objectives of the library, priority is given to library meetings, library instruction sessions, and library events.

The William H. Hannon Library is an academic research library first and foremost. This mission requires an environmentally controlled space for the collections, instruction rooms for librarians engaged in teaching, and patron space for individuals in contemplative, quiet study as well as groups participating together in class assignments and projects. Other uses of the library's spaces are ancillary to this core mission. Thus, the library reserves the right to refuse a reservation if the use would create inappropriate noise and/or activity, such as, but not limited to, loud music and other entertainment, filming, photography, performances, cooking, groups of young children, and overwhelming large size or scope of the planned function.

  • All reservations must be booked in advance via the contact information listed below. View available spaces and times and your reservation here on the University events calendar.
    • No room reservation in any room can begin before 8:00 a.m. All reservations must end 30 minutes before library closing.
  • Special arrangements must be made with Library Administration (310-338-4593) to use spaces outside of normal library hours. 
  • Library staff will not reconfigure furniture for a reservation. 
  • To minimize disruption in the library during peak periods of study and research by students, certain spaces have blackout periods as follows:
    • First two weeks of the fall and spring semesters
    • Midterms and finals periods
    • Holidays upon which the library is closed. See library hours for operating hours and holiday closure information.
  • Note the following special considerations for use by off-campus entities:
    • All such reservations must be sponsored by a LMU department or office. "Sponsor" is defined as: 1) LMU sponsoring representative(s) attend; 2) the sponsor pays for catering, rentals, servers, and other expenses with the off-campus entity reimbursing the campus sponsor, and 3) the sponsor is financially responsible for any damages.
    • Use of library spaces by off-campus entities does not include borrowing or other library privileges.
    • Reservations by schools and other organizations for groups of minors must include adult chaperones: 1 adult per five middle school age children, or per ten high school age children. 
    • During the library's open hours, unfiltered Internet access is available on library computers. For reserved events/visits during open hours where there will be attendees under age 18, minors' parents or event coordinator must sign an Internet waiver.

William H. Hannon Library Space Reservations Chart

The following spaces are available to reserve during the library's regular open hours, except as noted below. Catering is allowed only as indicated.


Space name & locationSquare footageAvailable configurationsOccupancyAdvance reservations requiredPeriodCateringContact info
Classroom WHH 324,
Level 3
  A 28 2 business
M-F 8am-4:15pm,
First 2 weeks,
No Jill
Library Instruction
Classroom WHH 118,
Level 1
29'x33' C 36 2 business
First 2 weeks, Finals No Kathryn
Library Instruction
Classroom WHH 117,
Level 1
20'x33' HU, T 24 2 business
First 2 weeks,
No Kathryn
Seminar Room
(Archives & Special Collections),
Level 3
29'x28' C 40 1 week First 2 weeks,
No Cynthia
Von der Ahe Room,
Level 3
  O, HU, T 100 1 week First 2 weeks,
Yes Events

  1. The library's instruction rooms are not available for regularly scheduled classes through the Registrar's Office. The instruction rooms are used primarily by reference librarians for library instruction sessions, so are only available for "one time" sessions. Catering and food/drink of any kind is not allowed.
  2. The Von der Ahe Room is only available for social events and meetings of at least 30 people, not for classes or small meetings.

    T = traditional classroom seating
    HU = hollow square or U-shaped table set up
    A = theater/auditorium—not moveable
    O = open, no furniture or it can be removed
    L = lounge seating
    C = computer lab—not moveable