Faculty Teams

As a cohort, the OER for Social Justice teams include 44 faculty from eight different academic disciplines across our four institutions. Together, their projects have the capacity to save more than 4,000 students nearly $700,000 each year that the new course materials are used. The course materials produced through the OER for Social Justice grant will be openly licensed, and made available for adoption and adaptation to faculty teaching in these disciplines around the country.

Loyola Marymount University

Nicole Bouvier-Brown, Professor, Team Lead
Ryan Hunt, Assistant Professor
Emily Jarvis, Professor
Saori Shiraki, Instructor
CHEM 110 and 112: "General Chemistry"
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Melissa Fitzpatrick, Assistant Professor, Team Lead
Ingrid Greene, Clinical Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Thies, Clinical Assistant Professor
Trevor Zink, Associate Professor
BCOR 4910: "Business Ethics and Sustainability"
Department of Management
College of Business Administration

Mischa Livingstone, Clinical Assistant Professor, Team Lead
Jessica Livingstone, Instructor
Kennedy Wheatley, Assistant Professor
PROD 101: "Production Bootcamp: The Film Crew at Work"
PROD 200: "Visual Storytelling"
PROD 500: "Directing 1: Vision and Exploration"
Department of Production
School of Film and Television

Shirin Mollah, Visiting Assistant Professor, Team Lead
ECON 1050: "Introduction to Economics"
Department of Economics
Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
Inter-institutional project in partnership with Michael Jonas and Sandhya Patlolla, USF.

Saint Mary's College of California

Sunayani Bhattacharya, Associate Professor, Team Lead*
Gina Kessler Lee, Head of Teaching and Research Services and Librarian
Meghan Sweeney, Associate Professor
Yin Yuan, Assistant Professor
WRIT 100-308 (first-year composition courses)
Writing Studies Program and English Department
School of Liberal Arts
Saint Albert Hall Library
*Team-lead designation will rotate among team members

Caroline Burns, Associate Professor, Team Lead
Grant Rozeboom, Assistant Professor
Sarah Vital, Business Librarian and User Experience and Communication Librarian
ORB 301: "Business Ethics and Social Responsibility"
Department of Organizations and Responsible Business
School of Economics and Business Administration
Saint Albert Hall Library

Stephanie D'Costa, Assistant Professor, Team Lead
Rebecca Anguiano, Associate Professor
Makenzie O'Neil, Assistant Professor**
Mireille "Mimi" Ukeye, Assistant Professor
PSYCH 200: "Psychological Methods and Analysis I and II"
Counseling Department
Kalmanovitz School of Education
**Psychology Department
School of Science

Santa Clara University

Jackie Hendricks, Senior Lecturer, Team Lead
Amy Lueck, Associate Professor
Loring Pfeiffer, Lecturer
Maura Tarnoff, Lecturer
ENGL 1A and 2A: "Critical Thinking and Writing 1 and 2"
Department of English
College of Arts and Sciences

Christelle Sabatier, Senior Lecturer, Team Lead
Elizabeth Dahlhoff, Professor
Dawn Hart, Senior Lecturer
Michelle McCully, Associate Professor
BIOL 1A, 1B and 1C: "Introductory Biology Experience"
Department of Biology
College of Arts and Sciences

University of San Francisco

Leslie Bach, Assistant Professor, Team Lead
Nour Al-muhtasib, Assistant Professor
Leslie King, Instructor
Nicole Thometz, Associate Professor
BIOL 115: "Human Physiology"
Department of Biology
College of Arts and Sciences

Michael Jonas, Associate Professor
Sandhya Patlolla, Assistant Professor
ECON 111: "Principles of Microeconomics"
ECON 112: "Principles of Macroeconomics"
Department of Economics
College of Arts and Sciences
Inter-institutional project in partnership with Team Lead Shirin Mollah, LMU.

Leigh Meredith, Associate Professor, Team Lead
Phil Choong, Assistant Professor
Melisa Garcia, Assistant Professor
RHET 120 and 250; HONC 132
Department of Rhetoric and Language
College of Arts and Sciences

Joyce P. Yang, Assistant Professor, Team Lead
Aline Hitti, Associate Professor
Lily Ma, Gerardo Marin Fellow
Zachary Reese, Assistant Professor
PSYC 101: "General Psychology"
Department of Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences