Grant Benefits

Funding for Faculty Teams

The OER for Social Justice grant will fund $40,000 in stipends per faculty team. By default, the team leader will receive an additional $1,000 per year in recognition of their responsibility, and the remaining $37,000 will be split evenly among all team members (including the team leader). However, teams may elect to propose a different payment distribution amongst team members that best works to reflect the distribution of labor to achieve the goals of the grant for that unique project. The grant project team will work with the faculty team to finalize the stipend distributions upon acceptance of award.

Funds will be disbursed in three stages, upon completion of deliverables; $10,000 will be distributed in Year 1, $15,000 in Year 2, and $15,000 in Year 3. Faculty may elect to work through the deliverables and be paid accordingly on a faster timeline (to be worked out through developing final project plan in Year 1).

LMU: Faculty awardees will receive payments through payroll.

SMC, SCU, USF: Faculty will be paid directly through LMU. Instructions for setting up payments will be shared with faculty teams upon award.

Additional Benefits 

Opportunity to participate in a cohort-based virtual OER learning community with faculty across LMU, SMC, SCU, and USF  

Dedicated support from librarians and instructional designers on finding, evaluating, adapting, creating, and publishing OER  

Support from the OER for Social Justice grant team (OER Librarian, OER Instructional Designer, and the OER Liaison from your institution): 

  • Finding existing OER to adapt and build upon 
  • Copyright guidance on the use of third-party materials 
  • Guidance with accessibility and technology-based strategies for learning during the creation and publishing of the OER  
  • Formatting support, training, and hosting on the publishing platform, Pressbooks, or other OER platform 
  • Assigning a Creative Commons license and DOI 
  • Sharing your OER and making it discoverable via OER repositories