Copying, Scanning & Faxing @ the Library


Copiers are located on all three floors of the library. Photocopies are 10 cents each. A OneCard is required to pay. You may add Flexi Dollars to your OneCard at the Value Transfer Station (VTS) next to the copy machine on Level 1 or you may add Flexi Dollars online. Visitors may also purchase a card from the VTS or the OneCard Office. Any problems with the copiers? Please call Campus Digital Graphics at 310.338.2730 for assistance. After hours, ask a library staff member for assistance.


A scanner is available for use at the Information Desk. Scans are free. Instructions are provided at the scanner or you may ask for assistance at the desk. The copy machines on Level 2 and Level 3 also have a scanning function. Scanning on those machines cost 10 cents.


The Level 1 copy machine also functions as a fax machine. Please remember to dial 9 before the fax number.

Scantron Machine

The scantron machine is located in the photocopy room on Level 2 of library, behind the elevator. Directions for use are posted on the machine. Please report problems to the Circulation Desk on Level 1.