In the first year of IRDL, in collaboration with the first cohort of Scholars, the following Code of Conduct was written. It will be reviewed annually with each cohort, to ensure that it is as forward-thinking and inclusive as possible.

Statement of Appropriate Conduct at IRDL

The IRDL Project Team seeks to provide an environment in which diverse participants may learn, network and enjoy the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual human respect. To provide all IRDL participants – Scholars, instructors, staff, and visitors – the opportunity to benefit from the Institute, the IRDL Project Team is committed to providing a harassment-free environment for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, religion or other group identity.

We recognize a shared responsibility to create and hold that environment for the benefit of all. Some behaviors are, therefore, specifically prohibited:

  • Harassment or intimidation based on race, religion, language, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, appearance, or other group status.
  • Sexual harassment or intimidation, including unwelcome sexual attention, stalking (physical or virtual), or unsolicited physical contact.
  • Yelling at or threatening any IRDL Scholar or Team member (verbally or physically).

All participants are expected to observe these rules and behaviors in all IRDL venues, including online venues, and conference social events. Participants asked to stop a hostile or harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. IRDL participants seek to learn, network and have fun. Please do so responsibly and with respect for the right of others to do likewise.

Please contact any member of the Project Team if you believe you have been harassed or that a harassment problem exists. All such reports will be directed immediately to the Project Directors, who will determine and carry out the appropriate course of action, and who may consult with and engage other Loyola Marymount University staff, leaders and legal counsel as appropriate. A follow-up report will be made to individuals who report being harassed.

[Based upon the ALA Midwinter 2014 Statement of Appropriate Conduct]