IDL Online Research Conference. Discovering the Unexpected in Library Research Design: November 10-11, 2022. Hosted by the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship and Loyola Marymount University.


The IRDL Online Research Conference will showcase some of the most creative thinking in research methods geared for the 21st-century librarian. The conference is the first research methods-focused conference of its kind in the United States and will offer a friendly and inclusive environment to increase participants' understanding of methodologies and research in practice. During an engaging two days, participants will have opportunities to share their current research, reflect on research challenges and enjoy a variety of seminars and hands-on practice sessions with some of the most inventive researchers in the field.

The conference is designed to create community and enhance research collaboration. Its purpose is to facilitate discussions of new perspectives, experiences, and innovations in library research design and methodologies.

Supported by IMLS funding and organized by the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship (IRDL Online) and the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC), the conference complements the IRDL Scholars’ Speakers Series: Thinking Critically about Research and Power.

This virtual conference is free and will be held via Zoom on November 10-11, 2022. For more information and the agenda for the event, see the conference website at


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