Strategic Plan 2021-2026 @ the Library

Students sitting at different tables and studying in the library.

Updated 2022

Underlying Principles

Principle 1: Curate authoritative content and deliver it whenever, wherever, and however needed.

Principle 2: Transform the user experience to promote optimal utilization of library resources, tools, and services.

Principle 3: Extend our reach through mutual appreciation, collaboration, and strategic partnerships.

Principle 4: Effectively communicate our values, initiatives, and services to internal and external audiences.

Principle 5: Engage ourselves – individually and collectively – in continuous learning, critical inquiry, and reflective practice.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Enrich and transform the student experience. 

Objective 1.1: Enhance information literacy instruction, building upon an existing landscape of instruction delivery modalities, to support student research and lifelong learning.  

Objective 1.2: Develop innovative programming that supports students’ co-curricular needs and sense of belonging. 

Objective 1.3: Integrate aspects of interdisciplinary and integrative thinking into library instruction and co-curricular programming.

Goal 2: Advance collaborative efforts to promote more open, equitable, accessible, and sustainable models of scholarly communication and digital pedagogies. 

Objective 2.1: Elevate campus engagement with Digital Commons to preserve and disseminate LMU scholarly record for the community and beyond the bluff. 

Objective 2.2: Sustainably support emerging digital scholarship needs of the LMU community 

Objective 2.3: Increase the accessibility and affordability of an LMU education through the library’s Open and Affordable Textbook Initiative (OATI). 

Goal 3: Create and maintain efficient, innovative systems that support discovery, access, and sharing of library resources.  

Objective 3.1: Upgrade the integrated library system (ILS) for Hannon and Rains libraries to a more reliable, better-supported, contemporary solution. 

Objective 3.2: Evaluate and adapt to the changing landscape of resource sharing to ensure that faculty and students have seamless access to research and learning materials, regardless of learning modality. 

Objective 3.3: Increase accessibility to and visibility of collections related to underrepresented groups.  

Goal 4: Support research, scholarship and learning through responsive, sustainable collection development and stewardship.

Objective 4.1: Support new and emerging information resource needs of academic programs through collaborative, equitable, and sustainable policies and practices. 

Objective 4.2: Expand the library’s capacity for creating, preserving, and providing access to LMU Digital Collections. 

Objective 4.3: Codify existing practices integrating principles of diversity, equity, inclusiveness, anti-racism, and accessibility in collection development and acquisitions work, and explore avenues for continued growth. 

Objective 4.4: Optimize the library’s capacity to accommodate future growth of the physical collections. 

Objective 4.5: Establish collecting priorities for the University Archives and other archival collections to amplify the voices of historically marginalized communities in support of evolving curricula and research needs. 

Goal 5: Ensure that library spaces and services meet the research and learning needs of our community.

Objective 5.1: Optimize library spaces, services, and technology to meet user needs.  

Objective 5.2: Improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of library services and spaces. 

Goal 6: Nurture an equitable and inclusive organizational culture. 

Objective 6.1: Ensure that the library is following best practices for mission-driven, inclusive recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce. 

Objective 6.2: Enhance support structures to foster staff success and improve work climate. 

Objective 6.3: Strengthen structures of support for librarians pursuing promotion in rank. 

Objective 6.4: Improve the quality of the library student employee experience.  

Goal 7: Strengthen the library’s organizational effectiveness. 

Objective 7.1: Increase the library’s capacity for effective project management and teamwork. 

Objective 7.2: Develop, coordinate, and implement a framework for emergency response. 

PDF version of the Strategic Plan 2021-2026