Research Consultation Request

Research consultations are only available to LMU students, staff, and faculty.

If you need immediate research help, please use the chat box to get help from a librarian.

Research consultations may involve assistance with:

  • Narrowing down a topic
  • Finding relevant articles, books, or primary sources
  • Going over the steps of a research project in-depth.

If you need intensive help with writing or citing, please contact the Academic Resource Center.

All of our reference librarians are experienced researchers who work with students from all disciplines and courses. However, they can also provide advanced research support in specific areas, as indicated below.

First Available Librarian

(or select one of the following individuals)

Elisa Slater Acosta
Area of expertise:

Susan Archambault
Area of expertise: Communication Studies

Nataly Blas
Area of expertise:

Alexander Justice
Areas of expertise: History, Marital & Family Therapy

Alexis Weiss
Areas of expertise: Theology, Yoga Studies, Philosophy

Shelby Hallman
Areas of expertise: Science and Engineering

(Coming soon)