Off-Campus Access @ the Library

Connecting to Library Resources from Off Campus

When connecting to an e-resource (i.e. an e-journal or an e-book), users with off-campus privileges will be asked to sign in with their MyLMU username and password. If you have difficulties, please read below or contact the William H. Hannon Library Information Desk at 310.338.2790.

Questions and Troubleshooting

Who is eligible to use the library's electronic resources from off campus?
You must be faculty, staff, or an enrolled student at LMU's Westchester campus to access e-resources remotely. Owing to the license agreements we sign with the vendors of these products, they are not available to LMU alumni or Loyola Law School students off campus.

When I go to one of the library's subscription databases, I don't see the login screen.
Are you using the e-resource links on the library homepage? You must access the databases using these links because they have been formatted to pass you through the library's proxy server. If you try to connect to our electronic resources from bookmarks or other websites, they might not work properly.

I'm entering my username and password, but it does not work.
There are several things that could be wrong. If your browser automatically fills in the information, try entering it manually. You can also try logging into MyLMU using the same username and password. If that does not work, you may need to reset your password.

Which web browser should I use?
Remote access should work with all the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera). If your browser does not work, try using a different browser.

It is really slow.
The proxy technology will be slightly slower than your Internet access. Dial-up users are strongly encouraged to consider high-speed access, particularly if they are frequently accessing the library's resources from off campus.

Can I use Google Scholar to link to LMU's resources from off campus?
Google Scholar searches various sources for journal articles and other scholarly literature. When you use Google Scholar on campus, it knows that you are affiliated with LMU and will provide links to LMU's e-resource subscriptions. If you are using Google Scholar off campus, it will not automatically provide links to LMU's resources. However, you can configure your off-campus computer to link to these resources by going to Google Scholar Settings, selecting "Library links" from the side menu, typing "Loyola Marymount" in the search bar, and selecting "Loyola Marymount University (Full-Text @ LMU Library)" from the results. Keep in mind that LMU's research databases will get you to the same full text articles as Google Scholar with much more powerful and functional search options. If you have any questions, please contact the Information Desk at 310.338.2790. 

Can I use LMU's subscription databases from my workplace?
Your workplace network may have firewalls and other security features that prevent accessing our resources from their networks. Please contact your network administrator with questions.

I am getting a message that says "You are not authorized to view this page" or "The address you are trying to access is invalid."
Please call the Information Desk at 310.338.2790 and tell us the name of the resource or publication that you are trying to access.

I still need help.
Please call the Information Desk at 310.338.2790.