Computers & Software @ the Library

students in information commons using computers

Information Commons Computers

The Information Commons at the William H. Hannon Library features 86 computers (80 run Mac OS and have Windows available via VMWare to authorized users) for use by students, faculty, and staff. Students may also borrow laptops from the Circulation Desk.

Students can check the other campus labs for specific software and hours.

3-D Viewer    VMWare
7-Zip    VMWare
ADInstruments    VMWare
Adobe Acrobat DC  X X
Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC    VMWare
Adobe After Effects 2020  X  
Adobe Animate 2020  X  
Adobe Audition 2020  X  
Adobe Bridge 2020  X  
Adobe Character Animator 2020  X  
Adobe Creative Cloud  X VMWare
Adobe Digital Editions 4.5    27-29
Adobe Dimension  X  
Adobe Illustrator 2020  X  
Adobe InDesign 2020  X  
Adobe Lightroom Classic  X  
Adobe Media Encoder 2020  X  
Adobe Photoshop 2020  X  
Adobe Prelude 2020  X  
Adobe Premiere Pro 2020  X  
Adobe Premiere Rush  X  
Adobe XD  X  
Automator  X  
BBEdit  X  
Books  X  
Box Notes  X  
CES EduPack 2016    VMWare
ChemOffice 2019    VMWare
Chromas    VMWare
Connect    X
Dassault Systemes Documentation…    VMWare
Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Abaques…    VMWare
EndNote X9  X  
Firefox  X X
FS Reader 3.0    27-29
GeneStudio, Inc    VMWare
Google Chrome  X X
Groove Music    X
Handbrake  X  
iMovie  X  
IronPython 2.7    VMWare
Java    VMWare
JAWS 17.0    27-29
JMP 14    VMWare
Keynote  X  
Kurzweil Educational Systems    27-29
Launchpad  X  
LMU ITS Self Service Portal  X  
Lt LabStation    VMWare
Mail  X VMWare, 27-29
Maps    VMWare, 27-29
Mathematica  X  
MathType 7    VMWare
MATLAB_R2019a  X  
Maxon Cinema 4D R22  X  
Microsoft Access    VMWare, 27-29
Microsoft Edge    VMWare, 27-29
Microsoft Excel  X VMWare, 27-29
Microsoft OneDrive  X 27-29
Microsoft OneNote X VMWare, 27-29
Microsoft Outlook  X 27-29
Microsoft PowerPoint  X VMWare, 27-29
Microsoft Publisher    VMWare, 27-29
Microsoft Silverlight  X  
Microsoft Word  X VMWare, 27-29
Minitab    VMWare
Mission Control  X VMWare
Mixed Reality Portal     
Mixed Reality Viewer    27-29
Molecular Devices    VMWare
MySQL    VMWare
NetSupport School    27-29
Numbers  X  
Pages  X  
Paint 3D    VMWare, 27-29
Phantom / Phantom CV   VMWare
Preview  X  
Python 3.2    VMWare
QuickTime Player  X  
Safari  X  
Skype  X VMWare, 27-29
SPSS Statistics (IBM) X 27-29
Stata  X  
Tableau Public  X  
Tableau Reader 2019.2  X  
TeamViewer  X  
TextEdit  X  
Time Machine  X  
Vernier Software    VMWare
Video Editor    VMWare, 27-29
VideoLAN    27-29
VLC  X  
VMware Horizon Client  X  
Windows Media Player    27-29  X  
ZoomText 10.1    27-29
Zotero  X