Printing in the Library

Printing in the library is available on Level 1 in the Information Commons and on Levels 2 and 3 via the copy machines. Printing on the copy machines may be done using walk up computers. Most printing in the library requires a OneCard or VTS card. Wireless printing can be done using the PrintMe Cloud Service, which accepts OneCard and credit cards. 

Cost & Payment

  • Black and White: 10 cents per side. Payment must be made with an LMU community printing credit or Flexi-dollars.
  • Color: 25 cents per side. Payment must be made with an LMU community printing credit or Flexi-dollars.
  • LMU faculty, students, and staff receive a $20 credit per year. You can change cash into Flexi-dollars at the VTS machine in the photocopy room on Level 1, add money online (minimum $10), or go to the OneCard Office in the Von der Ahe Welcome Center.
  • LMU alumni and Loyola Law School affiliates with OneCards and others with Borrower's Cards may add value to those cards to print. 
  • Visitors can purchase a VTS card and add cash at the VTS machine on Level 1. The machine charges $1 for the card. The PrintMe service (instructions below) also takes credit cards.
  • OneCard Office provides refunds when printing errors occur.

Questions about printing? See our Printing FAQ.

PrintMe Cloud Service

PrintMe Cloud Service enables wireless printing from any desktop or laptop computer and mobile devices using the PrintMe app. 

How to Print Using Printme:

1. Send

Send files to the PrintMe Cloud from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet and receive a release code. Choose from a variety of ways to send files:


clip art of computer desktop screen clip art icon of mail envelope  clip art icon of mobile device  Clip art of computer USB drive


(fastest way)






(fastest way)

2. Locate

Find the PrintMe printer located on the first level of the library in the Information Commons.

3. Print

Print when you're ready by entering your release code at the printer.

  1. Select “Print” option on printer touchscreen
  2. Choose uploading method (PrintMe is PrintMe.Com, USB, Mobile, etc.)
  3. Slide debit or credit card.
  4. Enter release code for print job.
  5. Choose printing options and release print job.

Instructional PDF for PrintMe Printing Available Here

For more on using Printme, see our library FAQ.