Digital Scholarship

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The William H. Hannon Library supports and facilitates digital scholarship (DS) and digital humanities (DH) on campus. We encourage you to share your work with us so that we know more about what kind of digital work faculty and students are doing and how we may better support it.

  • DS is the use of digital means for scholarly purposes. It may involve the use of digital methods of inquiry, e.g. data analysis and data visualization, and it may involve the use of digital mediums to present scholarship, e.g. digital exhibits or scholarly websites. DS projects range in scope from the creation of a simple digital timeline to the creation of a large-scale database. There is no one way or a right way to do DS.

    DH may be described as falling under the umbrella of DS. It involves using digital tools and methods to analyze, synthesize, present and teach humanities scholarship. Because DH is disciplined focused, it has what may be considered a more distinct culture and its scholarly impact is more heavily debated.

    Why DS and DH in Libraries?

    It is common for libraries to play a major role in university DS endeavors. Libraries often have the kind of resources needed for this kind of scholarship, including technological tools, spaces in which to work and meet and, of course, librarians, who have a wide skill set and expertise in areas such as:

    • Various digital tools
    • Scholarly communications
    • Information architecture, organization and management (skills needed for tasks like website creation, database design and digital exhibits)
    • Digital exhibits and presentations design and creation
    • Website design and creation
    • Digital preservation (the act of preserving digital objects and projects over time)
    • Digitization
    • Metadata creation
    • Copyright and Fair Use
    • Social media
    • History of the book studies
    • Information and visual literacy
  • Project Resources:

    • See the Digital Project Tool Kit at DH@LMU for a number of helpful project resources
    • LMU Builds is an LMU digital projects hosting service.

    Project Funding Opportunities:

  • The Library and Instructional Technology Services support DS in the classroom. To learn more about how each department can help you, please complete the Class Project Technology form.

    Teaching Resources

  • Applications and Tools Available on Campus and Online

    Technological Support on Campus

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