Librarian Liaisons & Faculty Representatives

LMU librarians serve as liaisons to support outreach and collection development for each academic department and program. Liaisons are responsible for ensuring that our collections comprehensively support LMU's academic programs. In their collection development role, librarian liaisons choose library materials by actively seeking out, evaluating, and reviewing materials, and connecting with faculty in their department to stay abreast of curricular or research interest changes.

In their outreach function, liaisons are a conduit between academic departments and the library to make sure that we are serving the unique research and information literacy needs of students and faculty in each discipline to the best of our ability. Liaisons are assigned subjects based on their undergraduate and graduate degrees, academic interests, and the needs of the library.

Each academic department/program at LMU assigns a faculty member to serve as Faculty Library Representative (FLR) for that department for a three year term. The FLR may be the primary contact person for his or her department with the library. FLRs are responsible for communicating curriculum changes to the library and providing feedback from the faculty to the library regarding library services, policies, procedures, and collections.

Faculty with questions regarding the purchase of library materials or other functions of the library should contact their departmental FLR or their librarian liaison (name links below will email the liaison).

SubjectLibrarian LiaisonFaculty RepresentativeTerm Exp.
African American Studies Glenn Johnson-Grau Jennifer Williams 2022
Art Jamie Hazlitt Selwa Sweidan 2023
Art History Jamie Hazlitt Amanda Herring 2022
Asian and Asian American Studies Rachel Wen-Paloutzian Yanjie Wang 2022
Bioethics Alexis Weiss Roberto Dell'Oro 2022
Biology Shelby Hallman Max Ezir 2021
Business: Accounting Nataly Blas Zining Li 2021
Business: Finance Nataly Blas Julian Zhang 2022
Business: ISBA Nataly Blas Mostafa Mesgari 2021
Business: Management Nataly Blas Yamlaksira Getachew 2023
Business: Marketing/Business Law Nataly Blas David Stewart 2021
Chemistry/Biochemistry Marie Kennedy Tom Reilly 2023
Chicana/o Studies Raymundo Andrade Vanessa Diaz 2022
Classics/Archaeology Peter Rolla Caroline Sauvage 2023
Communication Studies Susan Archambault Allison Noyes 2023
Dance Jessea Young Roz Le'Blanc Loo 2023
Economics Jamie Hazlitt Prachi Jain 2021
Educational Leadership & Administration Elisa Acosta Karie Huchting 2022
Education: Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology Elisa Acosta Sheri Atwater 2022
Education: Teaching & Learning Elisa Acosta Morgan Friedman 2021
Engineering, Civil and Environmental Science Shelby Hallman Don Kendall  2023
Engineering, Computer Science Stephanie Gritz B.J. Johnson  
Engineering, Electrical Stephanie Gritz Lei Huang 2022
Engineering, Mechanical Shelby Hallman Rafiq Noorani 2021
Engineering, Systems Shelby Hallman Umesh Ketkar 2023 
English John Jackson Dermot Ryan 2023
Film and TV: Animation Ron Lewis Shane Acker 2022
Film and TV: Film, TV, and Media Studies Rhonda Rosen Mikki Kressbach 2023
Film and TV: Production Rhonda Rosen Sharon Mooney 2021
Film and TV: Recording Arts Ron Lewis Kurt Daugherty 2023
Film and TV: Screenwriting Rhonda Rosen Michael Daley 2023
Health and Human Sciences Shelby Hallman Heather Tarleton 2021
History Alexander Justice Meng Zhang 2022
Jewish Studies Rhonda Rosen Margarete Feinstein 2021
Marital and Family Therapy Alexander Justice Louvenia Jackson 2022
Mathematics Jamie Hazlitt Michael Berg 2023
Modern Languages Peter Rolla Petra Liedke-Konow 2021
Music John Jackson T.J. Harper 2021
Philosophy Alexis Weiss Catherine Peters 2023
Physics Marie Kennedy Gabriele Varieschi 2022
Political Science Glenn Johnson-Grau Jodie Finkel 2023
Psychology Glenn Johnson-Grau    
Sociology Raymundo Andrade Jim Faught 2021
Theatre Arts Cynthia Becht Arnab Banerji 2021
Theological Studies Alexis Weiss Cecilia Gonzalez-Andreiu 2022
Urban & Environmental Studies Glenn Johnson-Grau Mona Seymour 2022
Women's and Gender Studies Taylor Parks Sina Kramer 2021
Yoga Studies Alexis Weiss Chris Chapple 2023