AJCU Passport: Direct Reciprocal Borrowing

Cross in the library.


The AJCU Passport is a direct reciprocal borrowing service that provides on-site borrowing privileges for faculty at any Jesuit university library in the United States. (See a list of Jesuit institutions.) 

  • LMU faculty members (full-time or emeritus) may apply for this service by contacting Jill Cornelio and asking for an AJCU Direct Reciprocal Library Borrower Form.
  • Fill out the form, sign it, and return to Jill Cornelio at WHH 316 (Library Administration, Level 3).
  • Once approved, present the form and your OneCard to the Circulation Desk at another Jesuit library to obtain a borrower’s card for that library

Additional Policies and Procedures

The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) is a national voluntary service organization whose mission is to serve its member institutions: the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. Though each institution is separately chartered by the state and is legally autonomous under its own board of trustees, the 28 schools are bonded together by a common heritage, vision and purpose, and engage in a number of collaborative projects. To further the sharing of information and research resources in support of faculty research, AJCU Libraries will provide direct reciprocal borrowing privileges to AJCU faculty of member institutions in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.

AJCU Libraries agree to extend direct, reciprocal, in-person borrowing privileges to AJCU faculty from member colleges and universities. Each home library will establish eligibility for direct borrowing privileges. The lending library determines specific privileges; including the maximum number of checkouts and the specific ending date for borrowing privileges. Borrowers under this program are subject to the regulations and loan periods established by the lending library.

Each institution agrees:

  • to provide addresses and other necessary information on direct borrowers of the lending library to allow for proper enforcement of the lending regulations.
  • to be responsible for reimbursing the lending libraries for items determined to be lost.
  • to cumulate a final annual notification of any outstanding obligations for the preceding calendar year by March 1, cumulated obligations will be declared permanent on June 1.

These privileges will:

  • be valid no later than the expiration date indicated on the AJCU Direct Borrowers Form
  • provide direct borrowing privileges only for AJCU faculty
  • apply only to AJCU institutions.