Request a Book

To request the purchase of a book for the Library collection, please complete the form below. This form is for LMU faculty and librarians only; a different form is required for students and others.

Related forms: Streaming Video Request Form | Physical Media Request Form | Journal/Database Request Form

If you have questions about the collection or want to improve the collection in a particular area, please contact the librarian liaison for the subject area.

Special note for April-June 2023: The library will migrate to a new catalog on June 21, 2023. (Learn more here.) In order to prepare for this transition, we will be unable to accept requests for new book purchases until after June 21st. If the book is required for class use in Summer Sessions I or II, please use this form to make a request; we will order and process the book as quickly as possible. For all other requests, we will hold your request until after June 21st.

For books not in our collection that you need prior to our migration, please make requests through ILLiad, linked from our Borrow from Another Library page.

Thank you for your patience during this major library project.

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