Gifts in Kind Policy

The Department of Archives and Special Collections of the William H. Hannon Library at Loyola Marymount University owes its finest collections and many important materials to the generosity and vision of our donors. These gifts have allowed us to participate actively in the University's academic mission, enriching the learning experience of our students as well as the teaching and research needs of our faculty. We value our benefactors and welcome offers of gifts that enhance our collection strengths.

Gifts and Our Collections

Gifts which especially help our collection building goals include rare books and archival documents that reflect the Jesuit and Marymount traditions, the Catholic heritage of Los Angeles including papers of Founding Catholic Families, the history of Loyola Marymount University in particular, and the Reformation and Counter-Reformation periods, especially in relation to English history. For a full listing of our collections strengths, please read our department's General Collection Development Policy.

Like any other special collections department, we are not able to accept all offered collections or materials. All offers will be reviewed on the basis of content, format, scope and size, physical condition, and research value in relation to our collection strengths. We also consider the provision of monetary support to process offered collections. Preferred formats are printed or manuscript papers and books, and two-dimensional images. We are not able to accept many forms of multi-media and we strongly limit acceptance of three-dimensional art and artifacts due to storage and usage considerations.

LMU community members, whether by committee or individually, may suggest materials for acceptance; however, the Library makes all final decisions for any of the collections it administers.

To offer a donation of materials to the department, please contact the Head of the Department of Archives and Special Collections: (310) 338-2780 |

All gifts accepted by the Department of Archives and Special Collections become the property of the Library in accordance with our Library's general acceptance policy. Gifts to the Department of Archives and Special Collections must be accompanied by a signed deed of gift acknowledging the full transfer of ownership to the Library.

The donor may from time to time hereafter give, donate, and convey to the donee, for deposit in the Department of Archives and Special Collections, additional papers and other historical materials. Legal title to such additional gifts shall pass to the donee upon their delivery, and all provisions of the pre-existing instrument of gift shall be applicable to such additional papers and other historical materials so donated and delivered.

Gift Appraisal

The Library encourages donors to consider, for their own interest, obtaining an appraisal of their gifts for income tax purposes. Such appraisals are the responsibility of the donor and should be made, if possible, before the gifts are transferred to Loyola Marymount University in order to establish their fair market value. The Internal Revenue Service considers the Library to be an interested party which therefore precludes appraisals made or financed by LMU. For this reason, donors must bear the costs of appraisal, but the costs may be deductible expenses. As income and estate tax laws are subject to frequent revision, the Library recommends that donors discuss gifts-in-kind appraisals with their attorneys. The Library is willing to help by suggesting appropriate professional appraisers who might be consulted. The acceptance of a gift which has been appraised by a disinterested party does not in any way imply endorsement of the appraisal by the Library.

For answers to some frequently asked questions about rare and antiquarian books and their values, see 'Your Old Books,' published by the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.