Reserves Request Form

Course Reserve and Scanning Policy Changes During University Response to COVID-19

Until further notice, our physical spaces are closed to the public, and print reserves are unavailable. (Updated 7/31/20)

We are processing course material requests as they come in, and appreciate your patience as we work with limited staff and interruptions in distribution chains in a rapidly changing situation.

To support the temporary shift to online teaching and learning due to COVID-19, we are fulfilling scanning requests that exceed what might be reasonable under normal circumstances. As explained in the Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialist: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research, fair use can permit more extensive scanning as a part of a legitimate response to a public health emergency such as the one we are in at this time.

Note, however, that we must still ensure that our scanning practices are reasonable in relation to these extraordinary circumstances. Please only request materials where an e-copy is not available from the textbook publisher or the library (and note that we will first try to acquire e-access if we do not already own it). Please limit your request to only the portions of a given work that are needed for the duration of LMU's online learning. Scans made during this time may include a special cover page with information regarding usage and disposal of the scan. Please only distribute these copies to students using Brightspace to ensure that access is limited to those enrolled in the course.

If you want to request that the library acquire new streaming media, use the Streaming Video Request Form. If you would like existing streaming media linked in your Brightspace course, you can use the form below and select Streaming Video from the drop down menu.
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